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Mold Removal in Tempe

Even in the semi-arid climate of Arizona, mold can grow rampantly throughout your home or business and, when it does, it is crucial to remediate the situation immediately.

Technician Performing Mold Remediation In A Flooded Home911 Restoration of Mesa is IICRC certified to perform mold remediation services in both residential and commercial properties.

To make it easy for you to reach out for remediation services, the mold experts provide property owners with free visual inspections. During these examinations, they will check every corner of the property for signs of mold and water damage.

Water from pipe and ceiling leaks are typically the cause of mold infestations, and in order to stop it from spreading throughout the walls and ceilings, it is crucial to mitigate the water damage.

The mold specialists are also experts at water damage restoration, and they will address any leak or flood damage they discover during the mold remediation process.

By hiring 911 Restoration of Mesa, you will work with a team that implements comprehensive services that deals with all aspects of the mold problem. So, call us when you need mold cleanup in Tempe, and we will get your property decontaminated in no time. Call us at (602) 899-6888.


Remediating Mold Due To Water Damage

911 Restoration of Mesa sets themselves apart from the other flood cleanup companies by administering water damage and mold remediation in Tempe.

Checking Moisture Levels After A Successful Mold Removal JobIt is essential for property owners to stay on top of even the most minor leaks because small moisture issues are what typically causes mold to grow inside homes and businesses.

If you find that storms are leaking water under the house or that your ceiling is wet, then you should call the mold experts to inspect the property. It is also common for interior issues to spark mold, such as finding the air conditioning leaking through the ceiling.

You can count on the mold specialists to perform mold remediation that includes leak and flood repair to prevent future infestations from occurring. Technicians will also implement structural drying and dehumidifying techniques to create an inhospitable environment for mold.

So, call 911 Restoration of Mesa at (602) 899-6888 when you need thorough water and mold cleanup services, and we will give you the peace of mind you need to get through any mold incident.

A Water Mitigation Company Focused On Mold Cleanup

Mold is not something that should be handled on your own. The health risks are too great to try and perform a do-it-yourself, mold cleanup job.

Mold Removal Van At A Commercial Job SiteFortunately, when you discover mold growing in your property, you can count on 911 Restoration of Mesa to be there for you to handle everything, from the mold remediation to the insurance paperwork.

Keeping you feeling taken care of is the top priority of the mold experts, and they will do whatever it takes to keep you protected from the effects of mold. When mold spores become airborne, you can breathe them in, and they can affect your health.

To ensure your safety, our highly trained technicians respond quickly to mold situations to lessen the impact it can have on the structure of your property and the indoor air quality.

Technicians will take professional mold samples and send them to a third-party laboratory in order to determine the species of mold growing in your property. These tests will allow us to take the appropriate steps to remove the mold safely.

Call 911 Restoration of Mesa to receive mold removal services from a team that cares and understands your needs, and they will give you the Fresh Start you deserve! Our phone number is (602) 899-6888.


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