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How To Understand The Basics Of A Fire Damage Restoration Company

Published by 911 Restoration Mesa on November 21, 2022 in category: Uncategorized

You may occasionally hear about a house fire on the news. But, it is more common than you might think. According to the National Fire Protection Association, approximately 375,000 homes are set on fire each year. These fires result in the loss of nearly 2,600 lives each year. Even if nobody is hurt, there is an $8 billion annual price tag. Although you cannot predict the outcome of a fire, it is possible to make the recovery process simpler by learning how to use fire damage restoration.

When Fire Strikes

Many people get distracted by the obvious effects of fire damage. However, there could be subtler issues that remain after cleaning up and rebuilding. These issues could make your home unsafe, or compromise certain parts of your home. This could lead to further damage, and could even require additional repairs. Also, there is the possibility of water damage to your home and personal belongings from the fire.

This is a comprehensive service that addresses all aspects of fire damage restoration. It includes more than just cleaning up the mess caused by the fire, but also inspecting the house for any more subtle effects of fire damage, as well as fixing any damage done during the firefighting process. Fire damage restoration is more difficult than other restoration services because of its scale and the possibility that you might have to use some tools in your home to do this job. House fires can be very unpredictable and make it hard to adjust quickly.

This is partly because there are many ways that a house fire could start. The location of the fire can have an impact on which part of your home suffers the most damage. There are also several key components that you should discuss. These are the most common ways that a house fire could break out:

  • Cooking Equipment: House fires are the most frequent cause. Flustered homeowners may not know how to handle grease fires properly. Other issues include burning stoves and leaving an oven on.
  • Heating systems: These heaters are used in winter to keep warm. However, faulty wiring can cause fire hazards. Noting that fabrics and other flammable materials can be in close proximity to the heaters could cause a house fire.
  • Use of Smoking/Candles: We use both because they pose the same risk, especially if used in bed. One ash, or contact with the candle, can set things on fire like curtains.
  • Chemicals: Some household chemicals, such as motor oil and cleaning fluids, can ignite when exposed to certain conditions.

Being attentive and thorough is a good way to lower the likelihood of house fires. There are times when a fire can’t be contained or if you’re not there. These are the reasons it is important to be familiar with fire damage restoration in Mesa.


Fire Damage And Your Home

After we have discussed some common causes of fire damage, let’s talk about the effects of fire damage. You will need to deal with three types of fire damage, each of which can cause havoc in different areas of your home.

Fire Damage

It may seem confusing as all three types of damage fall under the larger umbrella of fire damage. Part of this covers the actual fire damage to your home like charring or blacking and disintegrating various parts. Fire damage can make some items or parts of your home irreparable, depending on how long the fire burned. Another type of fire damage is Heat damage. This refers to the heat that results from a fire. Different materials can melt and warp if they are exposed to heat for too long. These materials can’t be destroyed but they cannot be used anymore.

Water Damage

As we mentioned, the act of setting a fire can cause a wide range of types of damage. One of the most common examples is water damage. High levels of water used by firefighters to extinguish house fires can cause further damage to your home and make other areas of your home wetter. This can make furniture and other valuables irreparable. However, if the water is not dried quickly, it can encourage mold growth. Sometimes firefighters will need to open doors and windows to control flames. In order to restore fire damage, you will need to budget for this type of damage.

Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage is an important topic to discuss when discussing fire damage. There are many tiers of smoke damage, even the subtlest. Discoloration and a strong odor are two of the most common types of smoke damage you’ll see right after a fire. You may notice yellowing or peeling on walls and floors a few days following a fire. If metal hardware is exposed to smoke, rust and corrosion may also occur. The smoke smell can be caused by many components. These components include tiny carbon particles and other materials that have been burned.

Smoke smells can be difficult to eliminate because these particles get stuck in carpets and other surfaces. This requires either thorough cleaning or removal and replacement. It is not possible to just let it go and try to live with the consequences to save money. The smoke and soot byproducts can cause irritation to the skin and eyes, as well as respiratory problems. This is because the byproducts of different materials, such as carpet burning and plastics, can be dangerous when they are exposed to the body.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process

Many people don’t know the details of fire damage restoration. They also may not be aware of why they are necessary and what to expect. Let’s look at each step. This is a step-by–step guide to what fire restoration professionals do in order to make your home safe after a fire.

Step 1 – Assessment

This will help you plan your budget and the restoration professionals’ work. To determine the scope of damage caused by fire, smoke and soot to different parts of your home, fire damage restoration professionals will provide an estimate.

Step 2 – Containment

After you have agreed to the price, it is important that you take all necessary precautions to prevent further damage. This will usually involve fixing any leaks or holes in the roof that may have been caused by the fire. This may be done to reduce soot from smaller fires.

Step 3 – Cleaning

After the work of isolating and cleaning the area, fire restoration specialists will begin to remove all signs of smoke damage as well as soot, ash, and other indicators. If certain areas are too badly damaged, cleaning might also involve disposing of some items. This includes cleaning out the areas affected by the fire and the adjacent rooms, as well as removing any standing water.

Next, you will need to replace any furniture that was damaged or destroyed by the fire. This often includes a consultation to discuss what you can do in order to prevent a similar situation from happening again. There are a few things you can do as a homeowner before professionals arrive to prepare your home for fire damage restoration. Open your windows and use any fans to blow out the dust and contaminants before professionals arrive. You don’t need to do anything else. To avoid any damage to your machine, you might want to wash bedding, clothing and other items that have been exposed to smoke.

Cleaning is something you should leave to the professionals like 911 Restoration of Mesa. You need to protect yourself by wearing protective gear and avoiding skin-to-skin contact in areas that have been contaminated with ash or soot. Many households lack the necessary equipment. Basic home vacuums are not the best choice for clearing soot. These vacuums can release small particles into the atmosphere that can be inhaled.


Choosing Fire Damage Restoration Services

Each step is crucial to make your home safe again after a fire. It is important to ensure that these tasks are done by a professional company you can trust. This is where you have to consider several things. You want to make sure the company follows safety procedures for not only their workers but also for your home. Exposure to soot and smoke can cause health problems. You want to make sure your fire restoration professionals stay safe and are thorough after the job is done. This can be done by looking at their licenses and insurance. This will protect you and your property from any complaints that may arise.

Avoiding scams is another important point to remember when dealing with fire damage restoration services. Many people need help after a house fire and are looking for a company that is both affordable and can quickly get the job done. This can lead to services that are too slow or not qualified. This is why it’s important to be patient and ask for references from previous customers. It’s a good idea to be skeptical if a company asks for a large down payment.

Fire Damage Restoration Services

It can be difficult for you and your loved ones to deal with the aftermath of smoke damage or fire damage. It is important to know that your property and home have the right fire damage restoration services in order to protect you and your family. The professionals at 911 Restoration of Mesa are the best choice for Mesa-area homeowners.

We have the expertise and skills to offer quality fire damage restoration services regardless of the extent or nature of the damage. We are also available to provide additional assistance throughout the restoration process. Contact us today at (602) 899-6888 to schedule a free visual inspection.


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