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Preventing Basement Drain Backup: A Guide To Stopping Overflow

Published by 911 Restoration Mesa on January 31, 2023 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Once the water has dried fans or dehumidifiers may be used to dry it. Although most household items can be dried quickly it can take several days to dry them. You have two options to speed up drying. There are two options for faster drying: either you can hire a restore company or rent high-velocity fans and structural drying dehumidifiers.


Disinfect And Deodorize For Mold Prevention

After the area is dried, bleach should be used to kill bacteria and mold in grey water. Add one cup bleach to one gallon of water to kill mold and bacteria. Mold can be grown within 48 hours after a basement drain has been reconnected. If the water contains sewage, mold might grow quicker. Baking soda can be used for removing odors. It can be spread throughout the room and left to sit for several hours before you vacuum it up.


Basement Drain Cleaning And Traps To Clear Clogs

You can use a dry-dry vacuum to clean basement drains that have been left open. Check for clogs after draining and inspect the trap. The drain pipe could contain sewage. Wear long sleeves, rubber gloves, and a face shield to protect your nose, eyes, face, and mouth.


Drain The Basement

Next, drain the basement. The flat covers measure approximately four inches in diameter with a square notch. The cleanup cover can be opened with special tools or a heavy chisel and a hammer. Be prepared for water and sewerage to leak when you open the drain cleanup covers. To clean the drain, use a shop vacuum.


Drain Trap

Next, empty the drain trap. Floor drains have traps with a U-, or P-shaped design to prevent gasses from reaching the sewers. These bends are the most likely to cause a blockage. A shop vacuum may be used to clean a basement drain trap that has become clogged. However, it might not reach all corners. A gloved hand is more efficient and faster than a shop vacuum.


Snake Or Auger Basement Floor Drain

You can either use a drain snake to clear your drain pipe or an auger. Although snakes and augers may not be the same thing, they both unwind flexible metal cables to break up clogs. There are many augers and snakes available, but a powered auger is the best choice for drain pipes. You can rent them from equipment rental companies, or buy them at most hardware and tool supply stores.


Materials Rebuilt After Flood Damage

Make sure that your basement drains are clear before you start to rebuild it after it has been flooded. Put a quarter gallon of water down your floor drain. Flush the toilet if the water drains fast. The faucet should be left to run for a few minutes. If the drain stops flowing, you can start rebuilding. It all depends on the extent of damage. It is possible to repair a basement that has not been finished quickly. However, finished basements will require more work. Repairs typically involve replacing or repairing furniture, appliances, and laying new flooring.


Why Is My Basement Floor Drain Always Backing Up?
Clogs are the most common reason why your basement floor drain becomes clogged. Hair, grease, coffee grounds, and other solid objects can block your sewer line. Tree roots can also cause sewer line obstructions. Most blockages occur in the drain pipes. They can also form in your sewer line that connects your home to the local wastewater treatment plant. It doesn’t matter where the clog is, it will eventually block your drainpipe and cause backups to your home. Clogged city sewers are causing more problems. Water can back up into your home if the sewers backup. Cracking of sewer pipes or sewer lines is a less frequent problem. The water will then run into your yard.


Install A Backflow Valve

If your basement floods because of a sewer backup, it is worth installing a backwater or backflow valve. This valve will prevent water and sewage from flowing backwards into your home and can save you money in the long-term. Repair or replace your sewer line
In rare cases, your main sewer line may need to be replaced or repaired. Although materials can become brittle over time, it is much more common for them to be blocked. Roots can cause the sewer line cracking and allow for growth.


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